The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night

Welcome to the Arabian Nights' Tales, also known as The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night.

Because the tales are old, it is often the case that many people know of the stories without ever having seen them written down; it is because of the this that the Arabian Nights Tales are often mistakenly thought of as the Arabian Knights’ Tales, which conjures up images of a 1001 knights galloping across the desert on horseback.

Though similar images do appear in the Arabian Nights’ Tales, there is not really such a thing as an Arabian Knight; the stories are labelled the Tales of a thousand and one Arabian nights because of the time-span taken for Sheherezad to tell the tales.

Please use the menu on the left and explore these fascinating adventures of magic, fairies, genii, riches, love and romance from the depths of time.

Some of the ideas in these stories will seem antiquated to you, but bear in mind they were written long ago. Nevertheless, there is still much you can learn from them.

The texts here have been translated into English, the stories run from top to bottom on the ‘Arabian Tales’ menu to be read in that order.

The introduction is an essential part of the stories, so don’t skip it. Please enjoy these tales of a thousand and one nights, and return whenever you wish.

The lives of former generations are a lesson to posterity; that a man may review the remarkable events which have happened to others, and be admonished; and may consider the history of people of preceding ages, and of all that hath befallen them, and be restrained… Such are the Tales of a Thousand and One Nights with their romantic Stories and their Fables.”—LANE.